Is a Bitcoin Halving Half full or Half Empty?

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Bitcoin Black Friday 2014Bitcoin Black Friday 2014It’s that time again. Time to spin a circle of predictions and see where a needle lands. Will a cost increase? Will a cost decrease? What about a fundamentals? Will China buy some-more bitcoins since of collateral controls? All of these questions and some-more will be answered with wild, unsubstantiated conjecture since we listened over in a chatroom that a whale is going to siphon a cost so we improved buy now. Bitcoin is halving, and with a boost in problem comes an boost in conjecture about a destiny of a digital currency.

One of a many fast truths in a bitcoin space is that underneath all a tecno-babble and domestic interests, bitcoin believers low down unequivocally usually caring about a price. Namely, that a price goes up. In a transparent indicator of a injured market, everybody concerned in bitcoin has a clever seductiveness in saying a cost rise. Drawing parallels to a genuine estate market, a miners, sellers, traders, exchanges, investors, everybody involved, all wish bitcoin to boost in price. No one

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