Italy Wants to Tax Speculative Bitcoin Use

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New papers advise Italy’s tip taxation bureau is treating bitcoin as a form of currency.

Agenzia della Entrate, Italy’s top tax authority, released new information this month about a diagnosis of digital currencies, a announcement that comes months after an EU justice statute per how value-added taxation (VAT) would ask to exchange executed regulating a technology.

According to a Agenzia della Entrate, purchases and sales done with bitcoin remain exempt from VAT – a preference that mirrors a preference by a European Court of Justice (ECJ) final October. However, Italian taxation officials, a papers show, are applying income taxation to suppositional uses of bitcoin, or events in that income is done during a sale or purchase.

The group published a statute in response to a ask by a business in Italy, a name of that wasn’t disclosed. Those shopping bitcoins outward of a range of suppositional activity, it indicates, aren’t compulsory to compensate income tax.

In doing so, a Agenzia Entrate appears to be treating bitcoin as a form of currency, a pierce that is the latest spin regarding bitcoin taxation worldwide.

While a statute mostly brings Italy in line with a preference set by a ECJ, it further

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