Jon Matonis: Bitcoin Needs Its Own Version of LIBOR

CoinTelegraph spoke to Jon Matonis on increasing the 21 million bitcoin cap, the importance of fungibility and privacy for Bitcoin’s success and introducing a reference interest rate similar to LIBOR for the Bitcoin ecosystem. 

Jon Matonis has been a mover and shaker throughout the Bitcoin space and beyond, especially since 2013. He has worked as a Founding Board Director for The Bitcoin Foundation and is currently an Editorial Board Member for CoinDesk. Matonis is also an advisor for major Bitcoin entities like Epiphyte, BitPay, and GoCoin. In addition, he’s also working on the pending global bitcoin exchange located in the EU.

Thus, what he says has a certain gravitas and experience that can’t be ignored. This is why his recent tweets regarding Bitcoin and the block size debate have led to some rumblings and controversy. 

CoinTelegraph reached out to Matonis to get some clarification on his stance of the limit and other issues he is working on to improve the mainstream utility of digital currency.

“The Bitcoin ecosystem will soon need a reference interest rate similar to LIBOR.”

– Jon Matonis