Judge Denies Mozilla’s Request For FBI To Come Clean

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Mozilla’s bid to disclose its vulnerability was rejected by a US judge. US district court judge Robert Bryan in Tacoma, Washington. Before Mozilla requested anything, Bryan told prosecutors to give information on the flaw in the Tor browser the FBI used to track Michaud’s whereabouts. The Justice Department asked Bryan to reconsider, saying it was due to a national security risk, but the judge said last Thursday that prosecutors didn’t have to.

Mozilla sent a request to the judge for the information so they could shut down the vulnerability which they say is a security risk to Firefox users.

“It appears that Mozilla’s concerns should be addressed to the United States,” Bryan said.

One of 137 others, Michaud is facing charged in the US due to the FBI seizure of Playpen. Mozilla said it has a right to know about the hack used by the FBI to track the online criminal so it can be fixed before anyone else has the chance to use it.  An online child predator was caught using a zero-day exploit in Tor, which contains similar code as Firefox. The FBI continued to use it to catch more predators in the Playpen child porn ring.

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