Kairos — Futuristic Watches You Got to Buy with BTC

Watches are one of the best fashion accessories that holds good for both the sexes. A good watch becomes a part of you and it is a symbol of impeccable craftsmanship and mechanical genius (even if it is time tested mechanics which has been in use for ages). Not all watchmakers can bring in the kind of refinement to their timepieces like Kairos does.

Kairos Watches is a South Korean watch company founded by Sam Yang in the year 2013. Named after the Greek word meaning “opportune moment”, the company manufactures hybrid mechanical smart watches and has its presence in various places across the world. Currently Kairos has two distinct range of watches, the hybrid mechanical smart watches and T-bands.

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The company Kairos Watches was founded by Sam to bridge the gap between the latest technology and timeless luxury. The watches made by Kairos Watches strikes a fine balance between both. The qualities of a smart watch embedded into the body of a luxury mechanical watch makes it stand apart from the rest. However, it’s not just the watch that is state-of-the-art, the company has a

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