Keenevention 2015 to Feature Bitcoin’s Head Programmer, Gavin Andresen

Gavin Andresen

Gavin Andresen, Bitcoin’s Head Developer

When the anonymous “Satoshi Nakamoto” released Bitcoin to the world, Satoshi chose a successor as the “core maintainer”, aka chief developer of the open source, decentralized, non-governmental internet money. Gavin Andresen was Satoshi’s pick.

I’m excited to announce that Keenevention’s Bitcoin Panel will feature Gavin Andresen this year! Yes, the rules are being bent to allow Gavin to speak at Keenevention, as he’s not currently living in New Hampshire, but instead in nearby Amherst, MA.

It’s a very important time for the Bitcoin Panel, as the bitcoin community is currently divided over a possible “fork” in the bitcoin programming. Gavin and another core developer are currently debating with three other core bitcoin developers over the future of how bitcoin will (or won’t) scale up to meet an ever-increasing market. The debate is heated, and now the decision

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