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Kiev Bitcoin Conference Draws Big Turnout, though Challenges Remain

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A clever audience of intent listeners during the recent Blockchain Bitcoin Conference in Kiev reflects a high turn of bitcoin seductiveness in a Ukraine as it fights recession, according to NASDAQ.

One of a categorical speakers, however, Max Krupyshev, COO of Cubits, a London-based bitcoin wallet and exchange, remarkable bitcoin faces some large hurdles in that country.


Krupyshev spoke to a packaged gymnasium in a beginners lane about bitcoin basics, including proof-of-work and bitcoin addresses. He remarkable following that a attendees were intent listeners seeking to learn some-more about bitcoin and blockchain technology.

Bitcoin Demand Strong

Demand for bitcoin is clever in a Ukraine, mostly on comment of a retrogression caused by fight in a Eastern partial of a country. The hryvnia, a inhabitant currency, mislaid around 70 percent of a value over a past dual years.

Many Ukrainians are expected looking during bitcoin as a

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