Kim Dotcom Says ‘Greece Will Crash Market, Buy Bitcoin and Gold’

In a tweet on June 20, the 41-year-old Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom advised his followers to invest in either Bitcoin or gold, claiming that values will rise once Greece prompts the global market to crash again.

Dotcom is not stranger to controversy. He is best known for his now closed file storage and viewing service Megaupload. Formerly known as Kim Schmitz, he recently won a court decision preventing the U.S. government from seizing his property.

Dotcom has been advocating on social media for the use of digital currency for quite some time now. As with most of his tweets, this one garnered a mixed bag of responses, ranging from followers praising his courage, to others calling bitcoin an “NSA pyramid scheme.”

His tweet was later followed by another, further taunting Greece about its default.