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Kim Dotcom, a scandalous internet businessman and Megaupload founder, has been building hype for a relaunch of his file-sharing website on Twitter and several media outlets over a past few weeks. While a ubiquitous tech village seems meddlesome in what Megaupload 2.0 will have to offer, a Bitcoin village is some-more meddlesome in one specific aspect of this new project.

While deliberating Megaupload 2.0 on Twitter, Dotcom noted that a file-sharing height will embody a approach to insert a bitcoin transaction to each uploaded file. Dotcom has named this underline Bitcache.

The specific sum as to how Bitcache works are still opposite to a ubiquitous public, though Dotcom remarkable that a complement will work in a approach that is identical to an affiliate program on a recent episode of the Keiser Report. Bitcoin Magazine reached out to Dotcom to get serve construction on his brief outline of Bitcache.

A Bitcoin-Powered Affiliate Program for a Web

When asked for some-more sum about Bitcache, Dotcom was discerning to indicate out that his new plan enables a accumulation of opposite features. He afterwards strew some light on how Bitcache could be used in

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