Komodo Anonymous Cryptocurrency Announces the Launch of Its Upcoming ICO

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Komodo, the cryptocurrency offering highest standards of anonymity and security has announced the launch of its ICO. The Komodo cryptocurrency ICO, starting October 15, 2016, will go on for 37 days until November 20, 2016. Those interested in participating in the ICO can buy Komodo cryptocurrency (KMD) with either Bitcoin (BTC) or BitcoinDark (BTCD).

The cryptocurrency forked from ZCash supports zero knowledge proofs secured by Bitcoin’s global hash rate. The delayed Proof of Work consensus mechanism developed by Komodo Platform enables the Komodo blockchain to be backed up on the Bitcoin blockchain. The custom transactions are broadcasted to the Bitcoin blockchain by the platform’s notary nodes. These notary nodes can be used by other cryptocurrencies to secure their own blockchain. Komodo already has an operational testnet in place, while the developers work on furthering the technology. More information is available in the recently released delayed Proof of Work whitepaper.

Komodo Platform draws inspiration from Bitshares and Steemit. In order to eliminate the use of PoW mining, Komodo blocks are created using Delegated Proof of Stake mechanism. The upcoming ICO will provide the much-required funds for the development of notary nodes. The ICO also offers an opportunity

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