KPMG Lists Blockchain Startup OnChain among Top 50 FinTech Companies

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It is always positive to see blockchain companies being labeled as a “top fintech company”. A new list of 50 top fintech businesses, released by KPMG, mentions OnChain. This particular company offers enterprise-grade multisignature Bitcoin wallet API services. An innovative solution, as they secure Bitcoins on behalf of some of the world’s leading cryptocurrency enterprises.

Bitcoin and OnChain Are A Part of Fintech

Bitcoin and Fintech are two peas in the same pod. Financial technology encompasses everything, from apps to artificial intelligence, and also cryptocurrency. With such a large focus on blockchain technology and distributed ledgers, the worlds of Bitcoin and fintech collide at regular intervals.

It is not entirely surprising to see a Bitcoin and blockchain company mentioned in KPMG’s top 50 Fintech list. Although the majority of startups and businesses have little or nothing to do with these two technologies, OnChain was not overlooked either. Security is an integral part of Fintech innovation moving forward.

What OnChain does is offer a simple web API to secure Bitcoin funds storage. By using multisignature solutions, no one individual can send funds without the permission of other key owners. So far, the company claims to serve over 100,000

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