LAWYER.COM NOW ACCEPTS BITCOIN PAYMENT / ELLIOT MARAS / 06/08/2015, an online lawyer directory, is now accepting bitcoin as a payment method for its lawyer members. Lawyers also get a 10 percent monthly membership discount for paying with bitcoin. The 6-year-old website matches people looking for lawyers with its thousands of lawyer members. Lawyers pay between $99 and $299 per month for the service. By paying with bitcoin, they will get a 10 percent discount on these fees.

Allowing members to pay with bitcoin will permit faster and cheaper transactions, company CEO Gerry Gorman told CCN.

Bitcoin Cuts Transaction Costs, Adds Efficiencies

“Bitcoin transactions reduce our costs, improve transaction speed and provide full billing transparency. In return, we can offer our services at significant savings,” Gorman said, noting the low processing fees associated with the decentralized currency. “We’re not paying transaction fees, there are no bad credits, and we can manage our own bad debts.” tested accepting bitcoin for about a month prior to making its official announcement, Gorman said. The website uses Stripe, a San Francisco, Calif.-based mobile payment service, to process bitcoin payments.