Learn and Trade Bitcoin Futures with Crix

Crix.io, a Bitcoin futures exchange currently in beta, is working toward making futures trading easier by combining a learning and trading platform into a single exchange.

Trading Bitcoin futures is a science that encompasses many different facets. Crix.io offers services for merchants, miners and traders. Whether an enterprise wants to fix the U.S. dollar (USD) value of its Bitcoin income or a trader wants leveraged trading options; this platform can do it all.

More importantly, all of these tools are presented in a secure environment.

Bitcoin Futures Trading

One future contract on Crix represents one Bitcoin, priced in U.S. dollars, with margins and profits also denoted in U.S. dollars.
Once the contract matures, the USD profit or loss will be converted back to its current Bitcoin value at the settlement price. Due to the speedy nature of the Bitcoin protocol, traders can withdraw their profits rather quickly. You can also opt to exchange alternative coins (altcoins) to Bitcoin or vice versa, depending on preference.

What sets the platform apart is how they guarantee fair settlement regardless of liquidity or volatility. Novice and experienced traders will be part of a frictionless Bitcoin futures trading experience, the way

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