Ledger Blue Hardware Cryptocurrency Wallet Now Available For Pre-order

Hardware Bitcoin wallets provide excellent security to cryptocurrency enthusiasts all over the world. Various manufacturers are working on new generations of their products right now. The Ledger Blue, which brings enterprise-grade security to Bitcoin users, is now available for purchase on the website. Right on time for the Christmas holidays, as securing funds is of the utmost importance.

People who take Bitcoin wallet security seriously should look into the various hardware offerings. Storing funds in an exchange wallet is asking for trouble sooner or later. Keeping a Bitcoin balance on a computer or mobile device is convenient, but Internet-connected devices remain prone to malware and hacking.

Proper hardware solutions, on the other hand, bring additional security features to the table. The Ledger Blue, for example, raises the bar as far as hardware Bitcoin wallets are concerned. With multi-application execution and enterprise-level crypto-capabilities, this product packs quite the punch. Additionally, the device itself features a clear touch screen, yet remains lightweight and portable.

Ledger Blue Comes With A Black Friday Discount Code

One possible drawback to the Ledger Blue is how it comes with a steep price tag. Pre-order prices start at 229 EUR – excluding VAT – and delivery is scheduled for mid-December 2016. However, as it is Black Friday today, using the promo code BBF21 will reduce the price by 21%. Quite a nice gesture by Ledger, as discounts are more than welcome at any time.

Ledger Blue has been in development for over two years, and it one of the first of its kind to include a large touchscreen. Using the on-screen interface, users can securely manage transactions and even execute smart contracts. All of this is powered by BOLOS, the blockchain Open ledger Operating System.

Monax CEO Casey Kuhlman praised the Ledger Blue as follows:

“When deploying enterprise blockchain applications in production, security of digital assets and cryptographic keys is of paramount importance. The Ledger Blue is a powerful and flexible solution for enterprise-grade blockchain applications, ensuring the integrity of transactions at the endpoint level.”

On the apps front, Ledger Blue comes pre-loaded with multiple dedicated companion apps. New cryptocurrency support, or companion apps, can be added without compromising the device’s master seed. Moreover, the device supports any blockchain, making it appealing to multiple projects in the cryptocurrency world. Supported cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, and all Bitcoin clones.

Header image courtesy of Ledger