Ledger Nano S Review: Can This $65 Device Top Trezor?

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Bitcoin.com had the chance to review the new Ledger Nano S multi-cryptocurrency hardware wallet. The Nano S is one of the first hardware wallets that is both compatible with Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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The Nano S: A 7-Year-Old Can Use It  

JoshLedger has done fairly well for themselves by improving their product line, and the latest release of the Nano S is no different. Older hardware wallets such as the original Ledger, in my opinion, was not as user-friendly like its competitor Trezor. However, after reviewing the Nano S with my seven-year-old son, Joshua, who loves cryptocurrency, we both found the latest offering very easy to use.

My Ledger Nano S came in the mail from France and was securely sealed with a tamper-evident tape and plastic wrap encasing the package. After carefully opening the box, which looks similar to the way an Apple product is packaged, my son and I were pleased with how nice the device looked. The Nano S is small and encased by a damage proofing aluminium cover and has only two physical buttons. It also has an insert for a micro USB connection with

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