Litecoin Takes Important Steps towards Branding; Launches Website

Litecoin Takes Important Steps towards Branding; Launches Website

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The Litecoin Association recently announced the launch of their brand new website

The announcement comes at a time when the silver cryptocurrency is losing its shine before the overly polished Bitcoin market. For over a year, the Litecoin market is tailing the latter in absence of any influential marketing gimmick of its own. It has previously concerned many of its followers that also hinted to move towards other development-oriented cryptocurrencies like Darkcoin if Litecoin promises no future.

litecoin branding new website

The new website therefore is striving towards reaching new users every day and informs them about the innumerable benefits for using a simple cryptocurrency like Litecoin. “Created in order to help the general populace both inside and outside of the cryptocurrency eco-system, the site is a single location to enable the adoption of Litecoin,” the press release further elaborates. “This achievement further solidifies Litecoin’s place as a leading cryptocurrency.”

But Litecoin is not the only one that is taking its branding too seriously. Just a few days back, the Darkcoin team also rebranded itself to Digital Dash, a step taken to shed away its cryptocurrency-for-dark-markets image. This is clearly a sign that explains how Darkcoin is preferring to take a legal route towards better merchant and user adoption. It has already been given accolades for better-than-anybody’s development, and therefore poses a direct risk to Litecoin’s position whose creator once commented that developments are gimmicks.

The mood is shifting now.

Litecoin Association member Andrew Vegetabile, popularly known as The Real Mage, recently counter-stated Charlie Lee by mentioning their interests in developing new applications for Litecoin ecosystem and network. His comments however came after Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong called altcoins a distraction that eventually made him challenge the man for a public debate.

With some luck, we will be encountering Litecoin getting indulged in new development schemes after all. It is a better way to stay in the game while, at the same time, to be more than just a transaction medium — a technology, perhaps.

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