Louisiana DMV Hacked, Data for Sale on Dark Net

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A hacker known as ‘NSA’ operating on “Therealdealdark net market is selling over a quarter million driver’s license records he obtained from hacking a database from the state of Louisiana. It’s said that the records mainly show crime, traffic offences and the like ranging from speeding, theft and murder.

With ages from teenagers to seniors, the most common year of birth being 1983. How these figures were bought to light, is still unsure. Most likely from sources at the hacked DMV.  The data for sale contains all the regular info you might think to see in such a data leak, like first and last name, date of birth, zip code, home address and details pertaining to traffic and criminal offences.

The sample provided by ‘NSA’ even went into detail about how much one such speeding ticket totaling $204.50 which even showed what Louisiana police district issued the ticket.

The listing says NSA is asking for 21000000.0000 BTC, or $12153960000.00 USD, NSA posted,

“Disregard the price on this listing. Make me an offer that you and I can both agree to and I’ll create a private listing that you can use to purchase this database.”

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