Low-Tech Identity Theft On The Rise, Blockchain Technology To The Rescue?

Technology allows us to achieve many goals we could only dream of decades ago.  But one of the worrying aspects of technology is that it can also be misused by malicious individuals.  Identity theft is just one of the many examples that have been made possible through technology. Although, not every phase of identity theft is as “high-tech” as some people would like to believe.

Obtaining Someone’s Personal Information

The topic of “convenience versus security” will always lead to heated debates when it comes to technology and its rapid evolution over the past twenty years.  Our daily lives have become intertwined with the use of various technological advancements, even though we do not always understand the full implications of what we are doing.

As a result, technology is often criticized for opening the floodgates of illegal activity, especially on the Internet.  However, one thing to keep in mind is there are always two sides to these stories. Granted, there are quite a few individuals out there who enjoy nefarious acts.  But there are also uneducated consumers who fall for these scam tactics, simply because they don’t understand the ramifications of their actions.

But there are lots

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