Lumiere Online Store Mixes Bitcoin With Virtual Reality

Bitcoinist_Lumiere Online ShopBitcoinist_Lumiere Online Shop

Bitcoin and virtual reality seem to be a very potent combination, and Lumiere Online Store is thinking along those lines precisely. There is a lot of focus on virtual reality right now, and many investors are looking to be part of the game. But at the same time, there is a lot of consumer interest too, and they want access to convenient payment methods, such as Bitcoin. As a result, Lumiere Online Store is now accepting digital currency payments, and they even offer remuneration for their VR shop beta testing.

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Bitcoin And Virtual Reality Meet At Lumiere Online Store

Bitcoinist_Virtual Reality

Bitcoinist_Virtual Reality

It has been a very long time since both consumers and investors have been so excited about one and the same industry. Virtual reality, while often thought of as science fiction novelty, is almost upon us. Companies such as Oculus, Samsung, and even Google are all looking at ways to make this technology as cheap

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