Making Money with Steemit (Steem Dollars and Steem Power explained)

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A lot of bitch has been going around SteemIt in a past few months. Steemit is kind of a amicable news height that pays users with digital banking called Steem for posting and upvoting good content. Think of Reddit, though with a good appendage of removing paid for your participation.

The problem as we see it with Steemit, is that a judgment is just too tough to grasp. There are too many treacherous concepts. For example, we have Steemit that is a platform, Steem – a digital currency, Steem power, Steem dollars and it all becomes one large mish crush of unexplained terms. In a finish a normal user who wants to get started with Steemit is left confused and leaves a platform.

In this post we will try to make some clarity out of these terms and a height in general, and assistance we know how to get started with Steemit if this is something you’d like to pursue.

A bit of story about Steem

Steem (the digital currency, not to be confused with Steemit a website) was initial described in a whitepaper in Mar 2016. Steem and Steemit were in Beta until Jul 4th

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