Malicious Bitcoin Wallets on iOS Cause US$20k in Losses

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The new developments per antagonistic Bitcoin wallets appearing in a Apple App Store has many people on corner right now. Several users have reported supports being stolen from them, and a totals are adding adult quickly. So far, one of a addresses identified as being used by these antagonistic web wallets contains over US$20,000 in Bitcoin.

The Game of Bitcoin Wallet Scams Continues

While Apple is still not formulation to take most movement opposite these feign Bitcoin wallets in their App Store, some-more sum are apropos accessible per a people who downloaded them. One Bitcoin user even claims to have mislaid US$10,000, that is utterly a poignant amount. But a sum waste due to these antagonistic apps is most bigger than that, unfortunately.

Breadwallet co-founder Aaron Voisine told Motherboard how he beheld there was over US$20,000 in one Bitcoin residence used by a developers of these feign wallets. This seems to endorse initial suspicions of how any supports stored in these iOS apps would solemnly be sluiced divided to a Bitcoin residence tranquil by internet criminals.

While Apple has been receiving mixed reports about these malicious Bitcoin wallets, some-more seem to

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