Mass Network to Offer Bitcoin-Based Solution to Online Advertising

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A recent press release reveals that a group of cryptography experts, advertisers and industry executives have formed what they call “The Mass Network.” This project aims to provide a blockchain-based solution to the problems of online advertising, such as pop-ups and exploitative practices.

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Mass Network Aims to End the Advertising Industry’s Exploitative Practices

Created by a “Bitcoin Super Team,” the Mass Network focuses on restoring the balance of power between the advertising industry and users. Data tracking and invasive advertisements have become a way of life while surfing the Internet, and the organization wants to put an end to those practices.

The Mass Network team is composed of leading innovators from businesses such as Colu, Mycelium, Evernote, BitFury Capital, Deutsche Bank and IBM. According to the press release, two more large Bitcoin firms are in talks about collaborating with the project.

During the launch, Mass Network developers say they will create a method of exchange. Colu will provide an asset protocol, while Mycelium provides a wallet interface. Users of the Mass Network will be paid in Mass Coin for browsing sites using the network and for watching advertisements.

Dmitry “Rassah” Murashchik of Mycelium states that Mass Coin will live

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