Matthew Roszak on Bitcoin’s Killer App: “Don’t Sell Drills, Sell Holes.”


I had the pleasure of talking with Matthew Roszak, Founding Partner of Tally Capital, for an interview series on my newsletter, Crypto Brief. If you’re ever starting to doubt how much energy you’re putting into the industry, just listen or read some of the things he’s said about it and you’ll feel your excitement rejuvenated.

A little background on Roszak: He was named one of the “Who’s Who of the crypto-currency world” by The Wall Street Journal and has been in private equity and venture capital for more than 18 years, investing more than $1 billion of capital in a broad range of industries from startup to IPO. He serves on the boards of BitGive, Blockchain Capital, Chambers of Digital Commerce, Dunvegan Space Systems, Factom, Noble Markets and Romit, among other companies.

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Recently, he founded the Chicago Bitcoin Center, which is an incubator based out of 1871. He acted as a producer of the Bitcoin documentary, The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin.

How did you get your start in Bitcoin?

Bitcoin originally surfaced on my radar in 2011 when one of

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