Max Keiser: Banker Suicides ‘Likely to Increase as the Fiat Bubble Continues to …

Max Keiser discusses raising over US$1.5 million, who the number one basher of Bitcoin is, and why bankers’ arrests are needed if he becomes the economic advisor to the Mayor of London.

Max Keiser, host of the Keiser Report, and Simon Dixon, an ex-investment banker, have raised over US$1.5 million from 710 backers for 50% of their new venture capital fund Bitcoin Capital. The project on the equity crowdfunding platform surpassed its funding goal by over a half a million dollars.  

“Never confuse brains with a bull market we used to say on Wall St.”

– Max Keiser

CoinTelegraph: How do you plan to change investment in Bitcoin through Bitcoin Capital?

Max Keiser: Make it more accessible. Barry Silbert in New York with his Bitcoin Investment Trust (BIT) is leading the way on this. We’ve added crypto mining to the mix and offering daily dividends, which I think investors will like.

Max Keiser

Current banks outdated

CT: Recently some listed financial institutions have turned to crowdfunding. Do you think crowdfunding will become a mainstream in finance and when do you think this will happen?

MK: Crowdfunding is a fintech innovation that brings huge economies of scale to the market. In the lending business, or ‘p2p lending,’ it makes the current banking equivalent look silly, bloated, costly, and horribly outdated.

I remember when I filed a patent for crowdfunding in 2000. The company that bought my company, Cantor Fitzgerald, and NYC bank, thought so little of the potential of crowdfunding they didn’t bother following up, and the patent application lapsed. It’s probably worth over a billion or so – if they had recognized what I saw back then. Oh well. Never confuse brains with a bull market we used to

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