McAfee Criticizes US Foreign Policy, Advises Against Bitcoin

Entrepreneur and LP Candidate Discusses BTC and ISIS in New Interview


John McAfee recently shifted gears from the Cyber Party and is now running with the Libertarian Party. McAfee discussed his policies in an interview with libertarian podcast Revolution Report Livethe primary talking points of the interview being foreign policy, tech freedom, and Bitcoin.



McAfee stated in the interview that he does not believe in an interventionist foreign policy. He described how he believes our meddling in foreign affairs caused the formation of ISIS, and if we pull out now, they will lose all of their appeal.


“Well, we created ISIS. We created terrorism through our own manipulation of foreign regimes.

Think about it, why would ISIS be targeting us if we were not daily dropping bombs on people’s grandfathers, neighbors, daughters, sons, and friends? Think about it. Those people feel helpless. I feel helpless. I would feel angry

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