Media Fails In Attempt To Destroy Bitcoin In Favor Of Blockchain

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Mainstream media is carrying a margin day as of late by referring to blockchain each time they wish to make a discuss of companies concerned in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. This trend has been conspicuous for utterly some time now, and it has come to a indicate where it seems a media is perplexing to kill off a tenure Bitcoin altogether. Futile efforts, though, as people with some-more than dual peas for a mind will know what is unequivocally going on.

Time For Media Shenanigans To Come To An End

Everywhere people demeanour these days; it appears as if media headlines usually speak about blockchain this and blockchain that. Sooner or later, this will lead to a syndrome famous as blockchain fatigue, as everybody seems to be articulate about this record while really few people seem to have a idea what it is they are articulate about.

Trends and hype are zero new in a media landscape, though, as they will gladly burst on any bandwagon humanly probable to attract eyeballs. Blockchain is a prohibited tenure right now, and each association and their dog seem to be operative on some project involving this technology. However, many of them

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