Meet a Man Who Will Hack Your Long-Lost Bitcoin Wallet for Money

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For Dave Bitcoin, a alias of a module designer that hacks people’s cryptocurrrency passwords, a cost swell of Ethereum’s blockchain token sky has generated a poignant volume of work; work that wouldn’t have been directed his approach but his concentration on building trust.

And only to be clear, Dave Bitcoin hacks people’s passwords with their permission. He runs a website Wallet Recovery Services, that recovers people’s mislaid or lost passwords by brute force decryption – that is, regulating a mechanism module to try millions of passwords in a brief volume of time.

He provides a use for bitcoin, litecoin and many other choice cryptocurrency wallets, and in December, he began decrypting Ethereum pre-sale wallets.

“I adore a challenge,” pronounced Dave Bitcoin, who’s pseudonym stays from a days when it was misleading if cryptocurrency was legal.

Dave Bitcoin told CoinDesk:

“Initially, behind in mid-2013, we only wanted to know a cryptography used by bitcoin and a formats of encryption in a wallets. we satisfied that we was means to potentially assistance people who have lost their wallet passwords, and it grew from there.”

Dave Bitcoin has worked with some-more than 1,000 people given he launched

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