Memphis Gets Its First Ever Bitcoin ATM

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Coinsource, a bitcoin ATM use provider, has stretched a bitcoin ATM’s, rising a first-ever into Memphis, Tennessee, according to a Memphis Flyer blog.

The bitcoin ATM is located on a dilemma of South Dudley Street and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue.

According to Sheffield Clark, Coinsource CEO and co-founder, he said:

Many thousands of Americans have begun to comprehend that bitcoin is apropos a fast remuneration choice and a remunerative form of investment as well.

As bitcoin continues to grow in recognition around a world, so do a series of bitcoin ATMs that are dotted around a U.S. and internationally as well.

Figures from a Bitcoin ATM tracking site,, it shows that there are now 858 bitcoin ATMs in sum around a universe with a U.S. winning a margin with 482. Not usually that, though it’s reported that given a commencement of 2016, Coinsource have commissioned 1.2 bitcoin ATM’s per week.

At present, Coinsource is heading a approach with a series of bitcoin ATM’s as it now has 60 of them located opposite 8 states including New York, Louisiana, and California.

Coinsource is a Largest Bitcoin ATM Operator

In August, Coinsource became a largest bitcoin ATM

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