Miami Judge Says Bitcoin Is Not Money

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Bitcoin appears in a headlines on a unchanging basis, though few of us indeed know what it is. (This video is a great primer if we have 15 mins to spare.)

In fact, even a people who effect to know Bitcoin are during contingency over some flattering simple qualities of a supposed digital currency. Perhaps many notably, they can’t determine on either or not it is in fact…money.

This is one of a executive questions being debated in a Florida income laundering box involving Bitcoin—because if Bitcoin is not money, well, it can’t be used for income laundering.

The box involves a male charged with illegally offered $1,500 value of Bitcoin to clandestine police, who told him they would use a banking to buy stolen credit label data, according to a Miami Herald.

But in a eyes of Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Teresa Mary Pooler, Bitcoin fails a customary of what “money” is, carrying no “tangible wealth,” creation it only a box of one man offered things to another guy.

Other tools of a supervision would like a IRS to see Bitcoin and other practical currencies as property that can be bartered, not as currency, and Pooler’s court

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