Microsoft Brings Bitcoin to Bing Rewards

One of the best ways to push Bitcoin adoption to new levels is by rewarding users for performing daily tasks. Bing Rewards is the first company to offer Bitcoin as a reward to its users, with a total of US$500 to be won. This is a great way to get Bitcoin into the hands of everyday consumers who are not yet involved in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Bing – Not Just a Search Engine But Also A Rewards ProgramBing

Most people will know the name Bing as the search engine launched by Microsoft, aimed to take away a market share from Google.  Ever since Windows 8.1 was released, it was automatically dubbed “Windows 8.1 With Bing”.  As you can guess, Bing was the standard search engine whenever a user installed a fresh Windows 8.1 copy.

Despite Microsoft’s best efforts, Bing is still not the success the company would like it to be. However, it has to be said that a lot of users seem to find more relevant content when using Bing compared to Google. But what may push Bing’s market share through the roof is the fact that there is a service called Read more ... source: CryptoArticles