Microsoft Increases Bug Bounty Rewards, Bitcoin Users Rejoice

Operating system manufacturers are constantly coming up with improvements to their software.  Most of the bugs and flaws reported in the world of software stem forth from rewarding security experts to try and find potential weaknesses.  Microsoft is upping their Bug Bounty game to ensure their operating systems are more secure than the competition.

Operating System Security Is ImportantMicrosoft Bug Bounty

With most of the population using some sort of device that is running an operating system, it has become more important than ever before to ensure these lines of codes are keeping intruders out.  Especially with Microsoft’s Windows operating system, as it remains the most widely used operating system in the entire world.

Bug bounties are a great tool to have security experts and white-hat hackers unleash hell on the operating system itself – inside a controlled environment – and see what kind of vulnerabilities they can identify.  More important, this also gives Microsoft developers and engineers an idea on how to fix any and all vulnerabilities discovered.

Now that Windows 10 has been released to the public and is gaining mass adoption at an accelerated rate – overlooked bugs and security flaws could

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