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On Saturday morning the Bitcoin community was treated to a tweet from Mike Tyson’s verified twitter account. “Coming soon… http://Miketysonbitcoin.com … Changing the way we get change.”

Following his link takes you to a single page titled “MIKE TYSON BITCOIN ATM – COMING AUGUST 2015.” Just above the subscription box users are asked to “JOIN THE BITCOIN REVOLUTION WITH THE MIKE TYSON BITCOIN ATM.”

– Miketysonbitcoin

This marks the first time a celebrity has put their name on a Bitcoin product. There have been previous occasions when celebrities have publicly shown their support of the new technology. Ashton Kutcher is well know for investing in BitGo, a bitcoin security platform that operates an online wallet for individual, while Mel B and Snoop Lion, formerly Snoop Dogg, sell their own existing products while accepting bitcoin payments.  However, never before has a celebrity put their own name on a product in the Bitcoin market, nor put their own marketing team to work pushing bitcoin in any significant way.

A Las Vegas mainstay, Tyson has focused on his acting career in recent years and has 29 acting credits under his belt, including the blockbuster Hangover series starring A-list actors Bradley Cooper and Zach Galifianakis. Sin city is already out in front of the Bitcoin adoption curve, according to Coin ATM Radar,  with at least one casino having a Bitcoin ATM installed in its lobby, and a total of Eight Bitcoin ATMs around the city. Rumors have also placed a Ninth machine in the Luxor. Last October a Bitcoin conference called CoinAgenda was held in Tyson’s hometown.

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