MIT Study Reveals New Data on Free Bitcoin Airdrop

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In a open of 2014, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology unveiled an desirous plan.

Spurred by active enthusiasts on campus, a prestigious US university lifted $500,000 with a idea of distributing $100 in bitcoin to each tyro on campus. Completed in a tumble of 2014, a plan would coax identical experiments during campuses around a globe.

But notwithstanding a hum around a supposed bitcoin airdrop, not most was famous about its success or a sense it left on students. Now, a investigate by MIT researchers has supposing new sum by regulating a eventuality as a approach to research “early adopters“, or people expected to be among a initial to use or admonish for a new technology.

Though a investigate seeks to broadly answer questions about early technology adoption, a immaterial commentary in a news yield context about how a bitcoin airdrop was perceived by students.

For example, a investigate indicates that 3,108 undergraduates sealed adult for a digital wallet, with 89% stating they were new to a digital currency. Thirty-five percent of those were meddlesome in bitcoin as an investment, with 20% observant an seductiveness in a use for online transactions.

The investigate also interpreted a “cashing out” of bitcoin into

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