Mobile Messenger Co-Founder Arrested For Drug Dealing

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The self-described “serial entrepreneur” Shaun Collopy and his partner in crime Gary Cooley are awaiting to be sentenced in June by the District Court of Australia on drug-trafficking charges.

Collopy was a computer science student in the 2000s when he ran into success with a series of start-up companies that handle SMS services. One would say that his successfulness peaked in 2007 when he sold his piece of Mobile Messenger for more than $200 million.

Sometime around 2009, he began delving into the world of drugs using his new-found fortune. He developed a love for cocaine and opiate painkillers. At one point, he overdosed on cocaine which lead him to being in rehab for nine months.

In 2010, Collopy hoped to get a fresh start and used some of fortune to start MGM Wireless. It didn’t take long for his love of drugs to overcome him once again. He got in touch with his friend Cooley and enjoyed each other’s company under the influence of “ice” – which was purchased off of the Silk Road.

Collopy operated under the name “The Big Wolf” inspired by his admiration for Jordan Belfort.

His wife left him in 2012 which only caused him to remain addicted

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