Monero Attracts Mainstream Media After ZCash Decline & Controversial Launch

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monero-attracts-mainstream-mediaPrior to the launch of ZCash, the majority of the cryptocurrency community seemed positive that Monero would lose its title of “the leading privacy and anonymity-focused cryptocurrency” against the overhyped and highly anticipated ZCash. Roughly two weeks after the debut of ZCash, it is becoming more evident that Monero still remains as the heavy community and market favorite.

Amid its debut, ZCash received significant mainstream media coverage and support from the bitcoin industry’s prominent investors including Pantera Capital, Digital Currency Group, Roger Ver and Ryan Smith, primarily for being the first official cryptocurrency to utilize zk-SNARK, a zero-knowledge proof construction that anonymizes or hides the amount of transactions and parties involved in the network.

IEEE Spectrum, NY Times and the FT, amongst many other media outlets, hyped the debut of ZCash, stating that it will become the

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