More and More Forex Brokers now Using Bitcoin

Forex brokers today are not limiting themselves to traditional assets. They are, in fact, also taking a leap towards integrating the never-heard-before internet tokens, called Bitcoin. To those who are not yet aware of Bitcoin, and its fundamental concepts: it is a decentralized digital currency that is gradually replacing the dollar and other traditional assets as a viable payment method.

Bitcoin, in a true sense, is both a software and a form of settlement asset. The only thing that separates it from other tradable currencies, such as the USD, the EURO and others, is its non-government features. Bitcoin is not backed by any central bank or government, like its traditional counterparts. In fact, it is created by a computational process known as mining.

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But how can it can have a worth? The great anonymity features Bitcoin brings with its technology has made it a popular form of making cross border transaction, buy/sell good, and dozen other things. The demand of this new technological money is growing all around the globe. It is currently being regulated by many government agencies — on-demand by its expanding user base. So

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