Move Over Pokemon Go… Introducing Takara

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Move over Pokemon Go, introducing TakaraWith the rising popularity of Pokemon Go, an augmented reality app utilizing GPS and other sensors in your phone, people tend to forget that geocaching and other GPS-based apps have been around far longer than the inception of Pokemon Go.

Takara, meaning treasure in Japanese, is one of those apps. Developed by ManelDuck, who also developed SaruTobi, a game that rewarded players with Bitcoin, Takara is a geocaching app with a Bitcoin twist.

With the ability to link with breadwallet to receive Bitcoin, as well as the option to connect to an IndieSquare wallet to collect tokens, such as Spells of Genesis cards, GEMZ, SHUMAI, and many others. Takara works by allowing users the ability to drop a cache anywhere. There is a minimum drop of at least 2000 Bits required, as well as the ability to add a question that only users can answer at the location of the drop off to thwart GPS spoofing. Collecting the treasure is as simple as going to the site, answering any questions that may be present, and then collecting the treasure.

In my part of Alabama, there was only one remotely close

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