My BTCJam Investment Just Went Bust

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BTCJam is a Bitcoin counterpart to counterpart lending platform. About 6 months ago we reviewed BTCJam and resolved it to be  a plain choice for people who are peaceful to take distributed risks on their Bitcoins for aloft rewards.

I resolved my examination with 3 opposite investments I’ve selected in sequence to see how Bitcoins can be leveraged prolonged term. These were my 3 selected investments:

All of these investments had A+ ratings, certain feedbacks for a borrowers and many importantly their issuers repaid their debts 100% of a time.

So we took 0.9BTC (at a time value around $200) and motionless to deposit them in these 3 loans. The loans were all prolonged term, definition it would take about a year to get behind a money. But hey, where can we get a 20% APR (Annual Percentage Rate) these days?

So dual of my investments are still flattering plain and are profitable on time. However one of a investments seems to have defaulted.
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