Mycelium’s New Wallet and Plutus Introduces ‘Tap and Pay’

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PlutusTapAndPay2AndMyceliumWallet The teams behind Mycelium and Plutus presented their plans and upcoming product launches at a recent Bitcoin Meetup in the tech district of London, Shoreditch. At the event, Mycelium provided a taster of their new wallet, which will integrate more cryptocurrencies as Jaxx’s blockchain wallet has done.

While Mycelium’s new wallet provides a seamless interface between storing bitcoin and transferring fiat currency, Plutus plans to release an app that will allow bitcoin, as well as other cryptocurrencies, to be spent at any contactless terminal.

Mycelium’s New Wallet

Mycelium’s Jerome Rousselot delivered an outline of what the new Mycelium wallet features including a new user interface, conveniently integrating your contacts making the wallet easier to use. The wallet will also store a variety of digital assets, including Mycelium tokens and allow colored coin networks. Moreover, an SPV mode will be introduced enabling the app to talk directly to the bitcoin network and reduces the dependency on Mycelium servers.

With wallet providers now looking to branch out to the wider cryptocurrency community, Rousselot announced Mycelium are already starting to work with DASH, Waves and some business blockchain projects as well. Another strategic partnership has been forged with

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