National Guard Personnel Busted In Bitcoin Driven Scheme

National Guard Personnel Busted In Bitcoin Driven Scheme

It’s true. Bitcoin can offer some grade of anonymity. The tell has always been in a “on” and “off” ramps connected to a ledger.

These knuckleheads, as many before them, sought to implement a complement they did not know for sinful means. And as many before them, they were caught. Only this time, they worked for a National Guard.

Recently, 5 members of a District of Columbia Army National Guard were arrested for a bitcoin to credit label burglary scheme. In a plot, Spcs. James Stewart and Derrick Shelton and former Sgt. Quentin Stewart allegedly used bitcoin to squeeze credit label numbers. (Spc. Vincent Grant and Jamal Moody were concerned too, though to a obtuse extent.) Using a credit label encoding machine, they eliminated a numbers to earthy cards, afterwards proceeded to make purchases. Once they racked adult a good volume of illegally performed merchandise, they started to sell their loot.

Until this point, all of this is flattering classical low-level rapist behavior. Hold on, it really gets better.


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