National Science Foundation Awards Research Grants on the Science and Applications of Cryptocurrency

The National Science Foundation has awarded research grants on the science and applications of crypto-currency, with approximately $1 million awarded to date. The NSF initiative is part of the “Secure and Trustworthy Cyberspace” program for cybersecurity research and development to minimize the dangers of cyber technology, promote education and training in cybersecurity, establish a science of cybersecurity and convert promising cybersecurity research into practice.

The NSF grant has been awarded to Emin Sirer at Cornell University (grant information here), Elaine Shi, Michael Hicks, Jonathan Katz and David Van Horn at the University of Maryland (grant information here), and Dawn Song at the University of California-Berkeley (grant information here).

Emin Sirer, an associate professor of computer science at Cornell University, researches operating systems, networking and distributed systems. His current projects involve a novel secure operating system and system infrastructure for high-performance cloud computing applications.

“We plan to investigate the fundamental principles of cryptocurrency protocols, develop programming language support for smart contracts, and open-source secure systems infrastructure for cryptocurrency services, such as exchanges,” Sirer told CoinTelegraph in reference to the NSF grant.

Elaine Shi, an assistant professor

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