Netflix CEO’s Education Fund Aligns with Bitcoin

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There is a lot of education to be done in the world, especially now that the Information Age is upon us. However, there are very little efforts taking place to prepare young people and adults for this new era of digitization. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is starting a new fund to contribute to education. Given his current stance on Bitcoin, the Hastings Fund might include future education on Bitcoin and blockchain as well.

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Netflix for Education

By putting a whopping $100 million USD into a fund to contribute to education, Reed Hastings wants to make his money work for him, as well as for others. It is important to keep in mind not all of this money will be used to fund one particular goal, as the Hastings Fund is carefully evaluating all sorts of causes that are in need of financial support.

So far, two organizations have been chosen to receive a small portion of this fund. The United Negro College Fund, as well as the Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley, will be receiving a contribution of US$1.5m in total. Philanthropic efforts like these are nothing

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