New Jersey Pastor Accepted Bribes of $150000 in Bitcoin Scheme

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A New Jersey priest was found guilty of pocketing $150,000 from untrustworthy bitcoin traders in sell for giving them control of a credit kinship he headed so they could run it as a front for their bitcoin exchange.

The pastor, Trevón Gross, was found guilty along with programmer Yuri Lebedev by a Manhattan sovereign probity jury on Friday. Anthony Murgio, a owner of a exchange,, pleaded guilty in January.

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In 2013, Murgio founded and Lebedev helped run it. The sell operated by a artificial front association called Collectables Club in sequence to dope banks into meditative bootleg bitcoin exchange were legitimate sales of stamps and sports memorabilia. By posing as a site for philatelists and sports nerds and by miscoding credit and withdraw label transactions, a span duped banks into estimate some-more than $10 million in bitcoin-related deals, according to prosecutors.

The span also sole bitcoins to victims of “ransomware”—cyberattacks that engage hackers electronically restraint entrance to victims’ computers until bitcoin ransoms are paid. “In doing so, Murgio, and his co-conspirators intentionally enabled a criminals obliged for those attacks to accept a deduction of their crimes,”

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