New Partnership Enables Bitcoin Payroll in Mexico

New Partnership Enables Bitcoin Payroll in Mexico

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“Brexit” or not, interconnected economies are a reality. It is here to stay and technology can certainly increase the potentiality of labor mobility. One of the lynchpins has always been the massive friction that comes with cross-border payments. Bitcoin make a lot of sense as a solution. Enter the new relationship in Mexico between Bitso and Bitwage.

Bitwage and Bitso

A quick refresher on Bitwage. They were founded in 2013 and recently closed a round late last year. The company to create a service that enabled employers to actuate payments to employees utilizing Bitcoin. Bitwage offers their service in two forms. One is the a formal payroll service and the other id the service is called Bitcoin Payroll for the Individual, or BP(i). The latter service can be used even if the employer does not offer the ability to be remunerated in Bitcoin.

And Bitso is Mexico’s first Bitcoin exchange.

Why Partner?

In a world

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