New XT Version Will Include “Bigger Blocksize Only” Branch

Earlier today, Mike Hearn swung by r/Bitcoin to comment on the latest Blocksize debate thread and announce that they won’t be forcing XT users to incoporate additional features aside from bigger blocks:

Once XT 0.11A is launched (which will include the biggerblocks patchset by Gavin and myself), there will be a separate git branch that is Core 0.11 + only those patches and nothing else.

Neither Hearn nor Gavin Andresen will be providing binaries for said branch, it will be available for anyone to compile if they so desire. This compromise will allow anyone to opt out of additional features without forcing the developers to invest additional time in rebranding and signing downloads for multiple platforms, a process that would have to be repeated of multiple patches in the future.

As mentioned above XT includes a multitude of other changes aside from Blockside that could also be considered controversial, which is why the developers are working on a manifesto that will launch alongside the new version and will lay out the principles they deem important going forward into further development.

Hearn took the opportunity to voice his concern that Core is being slowly “killed” by a lack of

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