NewsBTC Brings its Bitcoin Media Service to Pakistan

NewsBTC has announced to expand its Bitcoin news and analysis services to Pakistan, a step that will enable people to access the latest digital currency updates in Urdu.

Over a long time, NewsBTC has encountered a reasonably attractive traffic from the South Asian country, the website’s CEO Jonathan Millet indicated in his statement, saying that it has helped them understand the territories where Bitcoin is finding a loyal fanbase. Before Pakistan, the website has already announced to launch its industrial news services in Russian, Chinese and Spanish.

“We believe in addressing areas that are showing even a gradual growth in the Bitcoin sector,” Millet explained. “And as we have noticed, a country like Pakistan, which has one of the largest diaspora settled around the globe, could find something antique in digital currency. There have been many debates in past that have validated Bitcoin’s role in improving cross border transaction services. We believe Pakistanis could use some updates from the digital currency sector in order to avail its benefits.”

On being asked about the reason to add Urdu, Millet said that he wanted to address every age group without looking further into their linguistic abilities. Excerpt from his quote:

“Language sometimes becomes a barrier while explaining a complex thing like Bitcoin to people with no technical backgrounds. We therefore are planning to make Pakistanis feel at home by providing the latest Bitcoin updates and informative materials in their own language. It is similar to Wikipedia, which offers its content services in almost every language — even Urdu.”

Once launched, will enable Urdu-speaking readers to access the fresh Bitcoin news, price analysis and firsthand educational content in the same language. It will also provide an opportunity to small Bitcoin startups in Pakistan to come and promote their services in the nation.


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