No One Should Ever Pay to Remove a Bitcoin Ransomware Infection

Bitcoin ransomware has been a topic of substantial discussion in the media throughout 2015, and the year 2016 does not seem to be changing that anytime soon. There have been numerous reports of this type of attack against companies and individual users, even though there are a few easy steps to avoid ransomware from infecting one’s device. Bitcoin is not to blame for these attacks by any means, only the people who create this software. Although the ones who pay the ransom are partially to blame as well.

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Brief Introduction To Bitcoin Ransomware

For those readers unfamiliar with the concept of Bitcoin ransomware, we should take the time to briefly explain what this phenomenon is all about. Whenever a computer is affected by ransomware, nearly all necessary files will be locked – or encrypted – with a particular password. The end user has no idea what this password could be, nor can they regain access to their files.

The – allegedly – only way to restore file access is by paying a sum of money to the person responsible for infecting one’s device. In most

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