Noise in the Markets, and Bitcoin’s ‘Creator’ Surfaces – Podcast


The world has already thrown investors two curve balls this year; what else can they handle?

On MoneyBeat’s Friday Food Fight podcast, we talked about “noise” in the market, and how best to handle it. Back in December, everybody assumed the Fed would be raising interest rates four times in 2016, and that Donald Trump‘s odds of capturing the GOP nomination were very low. Four months later, both those assumptions have been turned on their ear.

Then we turned our attention to the latest oddball news out of the bitcoin world: another Satoshi Nakamoto sighting. This time it was an Australian businessman named Craig Wright, who claimed he was the digital currency’s mysterious creator. Yet, four days after making his claim, he simply gave up and disappeared, leaving the industry to wonder exactly what happened, and what does it mean for the space.

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