Not Going to Incorporate Bitcoin yet, Says Uber

There have been rumours about Uber – the popular on-demand car service starting to accept Bitcoin. But as per the latest communication with the company’s support team, Uber has made it clear that the company will not be making any changes to the current model and it will continue to accept payments through standard credit cards.

The company, Uber Technologies Inc. hit the limelight after it disrupted the traditional taxi service by introducing a unique on-demand car service where one can summon a ride using Uber application on their smart phone. Started in San Francisco over 6 years ago, the company has now expanded to over 300 cities in 57 countries.

The rumour about Uber’s plans to accept Bitcoin payments was kicked off by a post on the photo sharing site – Imgur. The photograph of an alleged email exchange between one of the Uber customers and the company’s help desk. For a query about using Bitcoin for payments over the application, the company seems to have responded saying that they are working on it.

Soon after the rumours started circulating, the company has issued a statement saying they are not looking at incorporating Bitcoin payments anytime

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