Now you can use Bitcoin to buy stuff on Amazon, thanks to this …

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It’s now easier to buy products on with Bitcoin.

iPayYou CEO and founder Gene Kavner.
iPayYou CEO and founder Gene Kavner.

Seattle-based bitcoin payment platform iPayYou this week announced a new feature called “Amazon Direct” that lets consumers transfer any dollar amount of bitcoin to use for purchases on Amazon.

“This is the only direct way to purchase on Amazon with bitcoin today,” said iPayYou CEO Gene Kavner. “ also sells gift cards to many merchants, which includes Amazon, that may be purchased with bitcoin as well. Gift cards have advantages that they may be sent to friends/family but they are not a straightforward path for purchasing at Amazon as iPayYou’s Amazon Direct.”

Here’s a how-to video that shows the integration:

Before launching iPayYou last year, Kavner was previously the worldwide director of the Amazon Associates program and principal architect for display advertising at Microsoft.

He started iPayYou to help make it easy to store bitcoin and use it to pay for products. The software also lets you send and receive bitcoin with friends, who don’t need a bitcoin wallet themselves. In July, the company

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